Development Blog

Mar 16, 2016

A few initial questions and answers

There have been a number of good questions asked since we announced the Ocelot project on the LCA discussion list. As most of these questions were asked by private email, we are making an initial FAQ post, to be updated over time.

Is Ocelot LCA software?


What is the output of a linking algorithm?

The input to a linking algorithm is set of datasets that are not yet finalized. For example, dataset A could need peanut butter as an input, and dataset B could produce peanut butter, but there would be no explicit link between A and B. Each transformation function will produce a new version of the set of datasets with one small change. In our example, the output of the transformation function would be a link from process B in process A. The output of a system model as a whole is a set of datasets that are completely linked and which produce a square technosphere matrix, i.e. a set of files you could import into LCA software.

Can you give an actual example of a transformation function in Ocelot?

That will be the next development blog post :)

Will a system model created with ocelot require ocelot to interpret?

No, the outcome of the system model will be a set of ecospold2 XML files, just like you can download right now for the three different system model versions of ecoinvent. These files will then be imported by other software such as Brightway2.